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Vanessa is an author, inventor, and electrical engineer. Through her works as an author, she seeks to encourage people who have gone through harrowing life experiences such as: failed relationships, unanticipated abandonment in marriages and painful breakups. Her goal is to empower those who are at the verge of giving up on life and on themselves as a result of these unpleasant life experiences. By sharing her own compelling story, her mission is to help people get the healing they deserve, attain their highest potential, and write their own narrative to achieve their greatest breakthrough. She lives in New York City and when not writing, she enjoys dancing, traveling, and bringing new invention ideas to life.

Vanessa lives in New York City and when not writing, she can be found working on one of her inventions or journaling her ideas about her next adventure.


My mission is to live life to the fullest and use my creative abilities to teach, inspire and positively impact the lives of others to achieve their vision of success.


My purpose is to use my courage and creativity to inspire others to greatness by motivating people to make what seems impossible, attainable.